School Aims/Vision


At Vale School we provide a child centered, safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment. We have high expectations; encouraging, valuing and respecting all members of our community. We strive for consistent approaches across all departments to ensure equal opportunities for all. We believe that quality teaching, learning and care,  effective communication, praise and celebration of success will enable each individual to develop emotionally, socially and academically.


1. To promote quality teaching and learning that actively engages, stimulates and motivates pupils, encouraging success for all.

2. To enable pupils to learn at a pace appropriate to their Special Educational Needs while offering access to a broad, balanced and relevant education with real life experiences and support to access mainstream opportunities where appropriate.

3. To have high expectations for all pupils, recognising and valuing diversity and preparing them for life beyond school.

4. To maximize pupils’ potential in terms of health, wellbeing, qualifications, life skills, independence, communication and self esteem.

5. To provide a safe, inclusive, creative, challenging, enjoyable, encouraging environment and involve pupils in making decisions and exercising choices.

6. To promote a team approach and work with parents, partnership schools, health professionals, local government, organisations and other schools to achieve common and realistic goals for pupils.

7. To champion equal opportunities and challenge stereotypical views of disability, race, class and gender and promote the rights and positive images of disabled pupils. 

8. To ensure all staff have access to continuous professional development to facilitate a high quality service to all pupils.

9. To be resilient, reflective and forward thinking, celebrate successes and resolve problems effectively and efficiently.