Ofsted report

Vale School was inspected by OFSTED for a Section 8 short inspection on 23rd September 2015. They said… 

·    This school continues to be good. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.


·    Members of staff at all levels develop strong relationships with the pupils in their care. The care, guidance and support provided have continued to be of the highest quality. As a result, pupils feel safe and secure in school. They enjoy school and are happy to be there.

·    Parents and pupils are secure in their knowledge that the school is a safe place, and that there are people who will help if support is needed. 


·         Governors know the school well. They attend training, are well informed about the progress pupils make and make regular visits to check on the school’s work for themselves.


·         Leaders and managers have ensured that the safeguarding of pupils is at the heart of their work [and the] joined-up approach is strength of the school’s work. Staff are well trained.


·         Teachers plan lessons that engage and motivate pupils. They ensure that activities are pitched at the right level so that most pupils make at least good progress.


·         Leaders and managers are determined to ensure that each individual pupil achieves the best he or she can. They work with a wide range of partners to ensure each pupil’s needs are addressed through a holistic and consistent approach. 


·         The school uses a range of approaches to improve the communication skills of pupils. They have introduced some new strategies …which have had a significant impact on the ability of some pupils to communicate their needs and make choices.



·         Pupils are included in mainstream classrooms and activities whenever possible in a meaningful way that promotes their independence and extends their learning. Inclusion opportunities are tailored for individual pupils to ensure they achieve well.



·         Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent. They are pleased to see their familiar staff members when they arrive in school. They are actively involved in lessons, and make good progress


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The last Section 5 full inspection was 11th and 12th September 2012 


Ofsted report: Summary of key findings for parents and pupils 


This is a good school because:


·         The care, guidance and support provided by all staff are of the highest quality leading to pupils developing their confidence and independence very effectively.


·         Systematic school improvement has been sustained through considerable changes in the complexity of pupils’ needs and in staffing, particularly in the senior leadership team and in the governing body.


·         In their academic learning, pupils of different ages, backgrounds and abilities make good progress and achieve well. They achieve particularly well in the development of their communication and social skills and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.


·         In the vast majority of lessons, teachers provide activities that engage pupils’ interest. They assess pupils’ work regularly and accurately ensuring that pupils know what they need to do to improve.


·         Pupils’ behaviour is very good and the overwhelming majority make significant improvements in learning to manage their difficulties. Pupils feel extremely safe and secure, they enjoy school and have positive attitudes to learning and support each other very well.


·         The school is very well led and teachers’ performance is managed effectively. The pupil premium is used to good effect in changing the grouping arrangements and making the curriculum more responsive to pupils’ needs. There is a sustained focus on improving classroom practice and outcomes for pupils.


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