Inclusion Week - primary

Vale and Lancasterian  had their Inclusion week on 25th to 29th April. Every day of the week was packed with fun, inclusive sessions!

We had groups of mainstream pupils joining our regular communication sessions, sensory stories, dance, diary, music and cooking sessions.

Our children joined mainstream special assemblies, music lessons, library sessions and games sessions.

We also had special events and these included a day with Amir Laksari (coach of the Wheelchair basketball team). He led an assembly, speaking about the joy of being part of a team and the importance of always doing your best. He then led inclusive sessions with our pupils, which they loved! Amir brought the Olympic torch with him, which he had the honour of carrying at the 2012 Olympics.

Tony Millard and Tottenham coach, Kwayne, led a day of inclusive multi sports on Friday-lots of fun!

Blink are a Dance duo who led inclusive dance sessions for all Vale groups with mainstream friends. This was energetic, sensory, collaborative and great fun.


The week gave all the children an opportunity to make new friends and learn about the value of our differences. Following this week we are identifying  sessions which we wish to continue every week of the year!