Panda Class Spring 2017

Dear parents and carers,


What an exciting first term! Panda Bears have settled in amazingly well and have formed some wonderful relationships with peers and adults alike.  We have all enjoyed our immersive autumn experience where we met The Little Red.  We felt the textures of corn kernels and flour and smelt freshly baked bread.  We tracked torches from left to right and up and down to develop our tracking skills and eventually master the skills to communicate ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  We experienced a variety of autumn weathers with a mist of rain and blue ‘ping pong’ balls whilst fans helped create a leafy storm in our classroom. 


We are all braced for a new and exciting term with a focus on our new sensory story ‘My World, Your World’.  This adapted story will take pupils around the world with a worldly sound track whilst exploring objects and differing textures.  Our sensory story is a great opportunity to develop reactions to stimuli and in turn develop our anticipation skills.  Children will feel the warmth of a hot water bottles, smell spices such as turmeric, cardamom and cumin and feel the sensation of wafting saris.  Whilst visiting China students will feel chopsticks on their bodies with the sounds of the Orient.  We have a first class ticket to travel around the world. 


During our creative sessions we will be creating wonderful artwork such as African necklaces from coloured pasta, Chinese mark making with inks and mixed media flags from a variety of countries.  Our tasting and baking sessions will provide a variety of culinary experiences; sweet and sour dishes, curries, pizzas etc. 


We would love to celebrate the heritage of each of our students.  If you have an object from around the world that is symbolic to your family’s culture we would like to include this in our exploration sessions.  We would however ask for this to be a low value item.  This will be returned at the end of the spring term.  Please jot down any interesting stories/facts/traditions from your culture that we could share with the group. 


We will continue to have a visiting music teacher for our focused music sessions as well as whole school music.  We will have the specialist support from the Spurs coaches for group games and activities.  The visiting dance teacher will have a session with Panda class in the sensory room each week.


In the mornings and afternoons students are continuing to develop their consistent use of switches to communicate with their peers.  The sound beam has proven a hit with Panda Bears as their movements create an abundance of interesting sounds.  Switches for cause and effect games on the whiteboard are a great group activity. 


We have great excitement for what this term holds and hope you will join us in celebrating each success, however big or small!


Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and we ask that you use the home/school book as necessary.  This includes noting down the times when paracetamol may have been given or whether your child has had any difficulties throughout the night.  All medication requests forms will be in the home/school books and require immediate action i.e. making a request for a repeat prescription.


We will see you all in the coming term for IEPs.


Yours sincerely,


Stephanie & Panda Team