TG2 Spring 2017

Dear parents and carers,


Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about this Spring term



During the first half of the Spring term, TG2 students will be using our topic ‘Transport’ to learn about different ways of travelling and where we can travel to. This will be supported with activities and sessions from the speech and language therapist.



Throughout the Spring term TG2 will be working on our number songs and different maths related activities: sorting, matching, sequencing and building.

Some students will be using Numicon to exploring a variety of mathematical concepts, including some basic addition.



Students in TG2 will be looking at materials and their properties. We will be sorting and matching materials according to set criteria and observing changes in materials e.g. raw egg to cooked egg / water to ice.



The PHSE curriculum is embedded in all aspects of TG2’s day. Students will be working on road safety through trips within the local area, and focussing on positive interactions with the friends and adults. The use of the PODD communication system and Makaton sign will be core in helping the students communicate.



ICT is a core part of TG2’s everyday curriculum; they will access the interactive whiteboard, switches and other computer technology. TG2 will also be using the ESPRESSO programme to access activities and videos based on their lessons for that day.


Expressive Arts

Students in TG2 will be using their termly topic to create artwork based on different transport methods and the book they are reading.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,



Class Tutor: Stephanie Penglis

Support Staff: Toni and Irena