TG3 Spring 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back into a new year. We hope you all had a lovely break. The children have settled back into the daily routine of school life very quickly and seem very keen to enhance their social, emotional and academic development.  Outlined below is a summary of what we will be working on this term.



The students in TG3 will continue to work on their communication with the use of their PODD books enhancing their speaking, listening, attention and understanding. TG3 will be developing skills to vocalise more clearly, pronouncing words – mouth exercises will be carried out on a daily basis.

Phonics will continue to play a huge part in the students learning using the Ruth Muskin  Programme,  We will aim to read more extended text, developing more of an understanding how sentences are structured.

Writing tasks will focus on letter formation, sentence building and using connectives to join sentences.

The students will also get opportunities to develop their knowledge to type their sentences using a qwerty keyboard.

We will continue to look at the structure of non-fiction texts and when studying fiction, TG3 will look at characters, setting and ways we could extend the stories by adding adjectives.


TG3 will develop skills and knowledge with number activities that include counting backwards and forwards up to and beyond 100. They will count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s using objects to support their understanding. TG3 will work on recognising bigger and smaller numbers and begin to make sensible estimations. The students will continue their previous work on addition and subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. When working on shape, space and measure TG3 will work on time, weight, length and capacity.

Understanding the World

TG3 will be working specifically on two topics. The first half term the focus will be on The Weather in Europe and the Second half term we shall focus on The Earth and Beyond


The PHSE curriculum is embedded in all aspects of TG3s day. Students will be working on road safety through trips within the local area, and focussing on positive interactions with friends and adults. The PODD communication system and Makaton signs will be used to support social communication.


ICT will be integrated into the curriculum. The key skills we will work on again this term are for the children to become more familiar with the QWERTY keyboard and create simple words, sentences, recipes and captions..

Expressive Arts

Music, Dance and Art will be taught on a weekly basis. The students will have opportunities to develop their understanding of a healthier life style and the importance of exercise during P.E and dance sessions. When engaged in music, art and dance lessons they will learn to become more imaginative and express themselves creatively.

P.E is on Wednesday’s

Dance is on Thursday’s

Swimming is on Friday’s


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask. Please remember to use your home school book to ask  questions, or give us information on how your child is.


Yours sincerely,


Class Tutor: Pamela Palanyandi


Support Staff: Angela, Lee and Ayse