TG4 Spring 2017

Dear parents and carers,


Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about in TG4 this Spring term.



During the first half term, we will be looking at poetry. The students will be identifying features of a poem, such as alliteration, rhyme and similes and will be working towards writing their own winter poems. The students will also be looking at persuasive writing in the form of an advert using their topic on travel to create an advert for a country of their choice. In the second half of the term students will be working on writing an autobiography as we will be studying famous people. The students will be working on using the correct person and tense for writing their own autobiography.  


This term the students will be working on ‘shape, space and measure’, this will include learning about the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes and how shapes can be used within a pattern. Students will also continue to work on their number knowledge by learning strategies for multiplication and division.  


Our first topic term is called ‘Travel the World’, within this topic we will be incorporating both transport and different countries. This will include some map work and the history of transportation.

In the second half of the term our topic will be called ‘Famous People’. The students will be working on individual projects where they can choose a famous person that they would like to research and learn about. The students will then be writing biographies about their chosen person and presenting their findings.


This term in P.E. the children will be taking part in swimming once a week as well as Invasion Games.  Swimming will be on a Friday and P.E on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has the appropriate attire for them to take part.

Smile Project

The smile project is a structured, functional therapy that teaches pupils how to communicate effectively with people unfamiliar with their needs in a variety of everyday life situations. The project involves filming the students carrying out a specific communication task. After role play and discussion about the skills needed, pupils will carry out the same task again to see if new skills have been learnt. This term we will be focussing on shopping in Sainsbury’s.

Expressive Dance

This term we are extremely fortunate to have Jo, from the Royal Academy of Dance with us. She will be working with the children once a week using creative approaches to dance and choreography.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,



Eleni Christou