Brown Bear Class Summer 2017

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April 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,


The children have settled well into the daily routine after Easter Holidays. 

They continue to be a lively and active class and keep us very busy!


The theme for this term is ‘Inside- Outside’.

In our literacy lessons we will be reading stories, using rhymes, playing games and singing songs with links to this topic. Our focus stories are ‘Aliens love underpants’ and ‘Whatever Next’. We will focus on communication skills and participating in a variety of sensory activities, as well as developing an understanding of the sequence of the story. There will also be lots of opportunities for encouraging children to interact with their peers. In maths we will be concentrating on shapes, money, counting sequences using familiar rhymes, cooking and games on the Interactive White Board.


This term we will be making the most of the outside environment.  We will be having regular sessions in our garden – and planting seeds, flowers, tomatoes and herbs; watering to watch as sunflowers grow and wallowing in the unfolding colours and smells!

We hope to make trips to the local park and further afield. We will have our P.E. sessions with the Spurs coaches outside as much as possible.


There will be lots of opportunities to encourage children to interact with their peers and express themselves through music, art and ICT based activities.  Please keep using the home/school books to let us know about things you do with your child at the weekends or about any other news you wish to share – so that we can talk about this to the children at the beginning of the day.


Our aim is to make the curriculum as creative and interactive as possible and there will be lots of opportunities for children to experience and explore through art, music and ICT.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Anna and Brown Bear Class Team.