TG 1 Summer 2017

April 2017



Dear parents and carers,


We hope you have all had a good Easter break. Pupils have returned full of enthusiasm and were very happy to see all their friends and the adults that work with them.


Although it seems as if the year began a few weeks ago, it’s the summer term and the last few months of this academic year !  


Below is an outline of the topics that your child will be learning about in this Summer term.


Communication, stories and language

During the first half term we will be using a book called ‘ We’re sailing down the Nile’ which has an Egyptian theme and will focus on journeys, rivers and desserts.

A book on London will be the book we will use during the second half of the term and we hope to be able to visit London landmarks and the local community.

Once again pupils will learn about the different objects and journeys encountered in the stories. Pupils will be encouraged to participate during story sessions by engaging with different sensory experiences, exploring objects, using switches and storyboards. Pupils will also be shown relevant Makaton signs.

Conceptual development: Time, space, science and maths

Pupils continue to enjoy counting song and experiencing matching of quantities to numerals. They will experience different sensory number songs which also teaches pupils about rhythm. Symbol boards for counting songs and the number pages in the PODD book will be used during maths sessions. Pupils will also be working on sorting objects by colour or type and matching and grouping 2D shapes.


Relating Science to the book, pupils will be exploring sand ( wet/ dry: pouring into containers… ) As well as sinking and floating.  Gardening will enable pupils to learn about how plants grow.

Sensory responses and development

As with previous books, different sensory props are used during the story session that are related to the story. A massage related to the book, begins each of  the story telling session adding an additional sensory element to the story/communication session.

Pupils will continue to visit the sensory room for session and also take part in Tac Pac and sessions using the foot spa and having hand massages.

Sensory cooking session will allow pupils to explore different food textures and taste.  As the weather improves TG1 will be helping with gardening, planting seeds and looking after plants.

Social and emotional development

Whenever possible pupils will visit the local community, visiting the local parks and shops.

We will continue to focus on communicating their preferences/ opinions and their feelings using PODD books and their preferred methods of communication.

Pupils will continue learning about routines, turn taking and they will be encouraged to be as independent as possible.

Creative development: Music and Art

Both Music and Art continue to be a big part of the PMLD curriculum.

Pupils will be attending both whole school music sessions and smaller group sessions. During class music sessions pupils will listen and help compose different types of music related to the books being used. Pupils will be encouraged to use instruments independently, follow simple rhythms and start and stop playing instruments when requested.


Throughout the term pupils will be creating different pieces of art work related to the story. We will be focusing on consistent choice making, enabling pupils to do as much as possible independently and also encourage pupils to be engaged with the activity for longer periods of time.


Pupils will be able to practise their cause and effect skills using switch operated toys. They will also continue to use switches to help re-tell stories and access different computer games.


We hope you find all this information useful.  We look forward to seeing you at the Summer IEP meetings. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this information or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,


Alejandra Pascual-Jackson  & Jess Pinnells






TG 1 (2016-2017)

Class Teachers :  Alejandra Pascual-Jackson ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Jess Pinnells ( Thursday & Friday) 


Special Needs Assistants:  Janice, Judy, Luisa, Paula and Velma


Pupils in Class: Abdihakim, Ayo-Olu, Ela, Fabrice, Hatice, Hilmi, Malachi, Melin, and Mizgin


Physiotherapist : Victoria Rooney

Occupational Therapist: Sam de Mol

Speech & Language Therapist: Ersin Sinay

School Nurse: Raphaela Derrick