Panda Class Autumn 2017

September 2017


Dear parents and carers,


Panda class have settled in well over the first couple of weeks. We have enjoyed seeing old friends and members of staff and getting to know new ones. Lots of smiles all around!


We have developed a sensory corner in our classroom with a bubble tube and some other equipment. There is also a story corner where we are creating bamboo trees (for our Pandas, of course!), an ICT space and an art space.


Our topic for this term is ‘Ourselves’. For literacy we will be looking at a story called ‘Some Dogs Do’ which focuses on believing in yourself and being happy. We will also have a lovely sensory story called ‘My world, Your world’ which will continue throughout the term and will help develop anticipation skills. We will be exploring different sounds and textures, lights, and smells around their culture, their friends and family. The story will involve children getting out of their chairs and having floor time in the sensory room.


We will be exploring maths through games and sensory play such as objects hidden in tactile substances or under fabrics. We will also have some fun maths games encouraging anticipation and copying rhythms and patterns including `Intensive Interaction`. In our art space we will be creating some cultural canvases, terrific trees, fantastic frames and lots more. We will also be doing cooking sessions once a week which will involve smelling and exploring various substances and, where appropriate, tasting it. The children will be using their hands and various bits of equipment to mix the food.


When possible we plan to go on an outing once a week, on a Wednesday afternoon, which will either be to the park, to the local library or to the local shop. This will encourage the children to encounter people in a different environment and explore different surroundings.


We have specialists coming in to do music, dance and PE and the children have responded really well to these sessions in the first week. In dance we are exploring the ways our bodies can move and also making choices. In PE we will be aiming at targets with bean bags etc and moving our bodies. In  music we will be singing songs and copying or creating rhythms to go with the songs. We will also be doing some drama in class during which time we will explore our stories and do something to get a reaction from the person we are working with.


We have great anticipation for what this term holds and hope you will join us in celebrating each success, however big or small!


Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and we ask that you use the home/school book as necessary.  This includes noting down the times when paracetamol may have been given or whether your child has had any difficulties throughout the night.  All medication request forms will be in the home/school books and require immediate action i.e. making a request for a repeat prescription when the time comes.


We look forward to seeing you this coming term for IEP meetings.


Yours sincerely,


Lucy Brunnen

Class teacher