Teddy Bear Class Spring 2018

January 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,


Our Topic this half-term is ‘Light and dark’. We will be exploring this theme through the use of reflective materials and a variety of different light sources.


The children have lots of opportunities to develop their Personal, Social and Emotional skills and have been getting to know one another really well. We do this through daily circle-time sessions and games. We have been celebrating our birthdays by baking cakes and enjoy regular visits from our mainstream friends.  



The children’s love of stories is fostered through the through the use of props, photos, symbols and our Interactive Whiteboard.  This half-term we will be reading ‘We’re going on a bear Hunt’,’ Bears in the night’, ‘Can’t you sleep little bear’, and Night Monkey Day Monkey’.


Following our Expressive Arts and Design Curriculum, the children have opportunities to explore the world around them through first-hand exploration and sensory play. We will continue to enjoy our weekly music sessions with our music teacher, Laura and spend time daily in class exploring movement, music and dance. Our dance teacher, Zoe will be working with us to explore and move our bodies to music. Messy Play and exploration of different media and materials is part of our daily curriculum, to encourage children to explore and use their senses to better understand the world around them. 


To support children with their Physical Development, our lovely Spurs coaches have been playing with the children and have been passing on their ball skills. The children have been enjoying regular games of basketball and skittles. Where possible, children will be enjoying outdoor play and experiencing all the elements, either in their chairs or in their walkers.  Weekly Hydrotherapy sessions and the use of the large sensory room allows the children to have a safe and imaginative space in which to move freely.


 We will continue to have our Communication Groups on a weekly basis. Children are supported to develop their self-confidence and self-awareness, by making choices. They are given support to develop their different ways of communication through the use of Podd books, symbols, Makaton signs, real objects and on-body signing.


Please use the home/school books to let us know about things your child is doing at home, so that we can talk about it at school with them.


Best wishes,



Merja and the Teddy Bear Team