Koala Class Spring 2018

January 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the new term and hope you all had a festive and relaxing winter holiday.  Here is some information detailing our curriculum for Spring term. We hope you find it interesting and helpful.

The Spring Term is always a busy and exciting phase of the school year.  The theme of this term is Light and Dark. Much of our work will be linked to this topic, including our Literacy, Maths, Science, Music, and Art lessons.  During this term children will be offered lots of exciting opportunities to explore the topic and investigate different sources of light. 

In our literacy lessons we will be reading stories, using rhymes, playing games and singing songs linked to this topic. Our focus stories are ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’, ‘Shark in the Dark’, ‘Gruffalo’s child’, ‘How to Catch a Star’ and ‘A Dark, Dark Tale’. We will be also looking at other books about light and dark. Children will be listening to and joining in stories and rhymes. We will focus on communication skills and children will have opportunity to develop vocabulary related to light and dark as well as practice gross motor skills through sensory play, mark making, painting and cutting. We will also focus on recognising the children’s names, their initial phonic sounds and reading high frequency words.

In mathematics, we will cover four themes over the half term; number, shape and space, measure and time. Each month we will have a different maths focus. We will continue learning new number songs and practice counting. We will concentrate on number order and recognizing numbers, number bonds as well as the language of size.  We will learn about sorting and patterns.

 We plan to make trips to the local  park and shops. We will have our P.E. sessions with the Spurs coaches outside as much as the weather permits.  We are going to learn new choreography with the dance teacher.  Children are going to use various instruments to learn about sounds. There will be lots of opportunities to encourage the children to interact with their peers and express themselves through free choice activities, music, art and ICT based sessions. 

Please keep using the Home/School books to let us know about things you do with your child at the weekends or about any other news you wish to share – so that we can talk about this to the children at the beginning of the day and for our ‘diary’ lessons on Monday.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Dorota and Koala Class Team.