Tutor Group 2 Spring 2018

January 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to the New Year and the second term. The students have settled back quickly and all seem happy to be at school, sharing their time with their friends and adults.

Please find below an outline of the key skills your child will be learning this Spring term. The theme for this term is Growth and Change



Communication continues to play an integral part of our learning. We will focus on developing vocabulary, sentence structure and consistent and clear choices. The students will be using PODD and PODD board maker, using the interactive white board to make choices, selecting correct symbols, vocalising or learning to sign with more fluency and accuracy.

A range of books will be shared from fiction to non-fiction. We will work on asking specific questions (who, what, where etc )

The pupils will also work on creating letter sounds from their name as well as the alphabet. This will hopefully help them to begin to understand how words are made up of letters and begin to recognise some simple CVC words.


Counting numbers from 0-100 will be focused on again, Filling in the missing numbers, counting objects and matching it to numerals. Functional skills continue to play an important for the students in TG2.

When working on shape, space and measure, the students will work on life skills such as baking, cooking and recognising and understanding the use of money when out shopping. They will work on matching up to 4 coins.


In the topic Growth and Change TG2 will look firstly at the life cycle of humans and then we will look at the life cycles of plants. We will work on recognising the different stages of a human and work on the related vocabulary such as foetus, baby, child, teenager and adult.

When learning about plants the pupils will focus on identifying parts of a plant and naming fruits and vegetables.


The PHSE curriculum continues to be embedded in all aspects of TG2’s day, focussing on positive interactions with friends and adults. The PODD communication system and Makaton signs will be used to support social communication. Social skills games during lunch time activities will help them interact with each other with minimal adult guidance.


The key skills we will work on this term are for the children to become more familiar with the QWERTY keyboard and with help type their names or the initial letter of their name. The interactive white board will help develop choice making and their maths knowledge.

Expressive Arts

Music, Dance and Art will be taught on a weekly basis. The students will have opportunities to develop their understanding of a healthier life style and the importance of exercise during P.E and dance sessions. When engaged in music, art and dance lessons they will learn to become more imaginative and express themselves creatively and freely.


This term pieces of homework will be given based on the work your child has been working on in class. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or a member of staff in TG2.


Yours sincerely,



Class Tutor: Pamela Palanyandi