Tutor Group 3 Spring 2018

January 2018



Dear parents and carers,

Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about in this Spring term:



Throughout the Autumn term TG3 will be using their PODD books to improve their speaking, listening and understanding skills. They will also be working on their phonics through the Ruth Miskin Language programme to help with the clarity of their speech and to aid their written work.

Their written work will take the form of information texts in the first half of the term and then moving on to stories from a range of cultures in the second half of the term.


Students in TG3 will be working on properties of number, shapes and patterns, measures of length, capacity and weight.


‘Growing up’ and ‘Flowers and Insects’ will be the overarching themes of the Spring term. This will be covered throughout all the areas of the curriculum.


Students in TG3 will be finding out:

Know about the structure of the human body

Know the functions of the major internal and external parts of the human body

Know about similarities and differences between humans and other creatures

Where flowers and insects prefer to live and grow

How to grow lots of different things


Students in TG3 will be finding out:

Understand their own responsibilities in the groups to which they belong

Understand that the behaviour of individuals has an effect on the lives of others

About how climate and weather patterns affect life around the world

About flowers as emblems for different countries

About flowers and insects from different countries


ICT is a core part of TG3’s everyday curriculum; they will access the interactive whiteboard and other computer technology.

Expressive Arts

Students in TG3 will be finding out:

How to make paintings and models of insects and plants

How to use symmetry to make paintings and models of insects

How to create a garden in the classroom


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,




Class Tutor: Stephanie Penglis