Polar Bear class Autumn 2018

September 2018


Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a very positive start to the new academic year. The children are obviously happy to come back to school and they are settling in well to their new class group. We have been delighted with their enthusiasm and eagerness to participate in school life from the start! We are looking forward to a productive term full of creative learning experiences. It will certainly be exciting to watch them explore together this year.


The Polar Class team for 2018– 2019 will be Mary James, Lilia Koskinen, Moira Julien, Charlotte Stemp and Aysha Siddika.  We are delighted to welcome Lilia, who is completing her teacher training this year. I will be her mentor and I will be supporting her with planning and teaching throughout the year.


The theme for this term is ‘Animals’ – always a popular topic!


Our sensory curriculum will provide us with inspiration and lots of opportunities to investigate this theme through play and exploration. We will make our curriculum as creative and as interactive as possible and explore using a variety sensory activities, to stimulate the children’s awareness and encourage participation in their learning.

Communication skills will be developed using a variety of strategies,  with an emphasis on looking, listening and making choices; we will continue to develop speaking and listening through the use of the PODD communication system, Makaton signs, photos, symbols and objects of reference and encourage children to use their own individual visual timetables. We will also incorporate regular opportunities for intensive interaction and sessions specifically aimed at sustaining focus and attention.

There will be opportunities for individual physical development and expression, including hydrotherapy, dance, music and P.E. sessions with specialist teachers; and personal, social and emotional development, focussing on developing self- awareness and an awareness of others and our environment- in particular, the daily routines in school.

Our curriculum aims to develop an understanding of the world through a varied diet of activities including cooking, gardening, ICT focussed sessions and exploration of the local environment.

Nora will be continuing with Special Yoga which incorporates stretching and strengthening of the body as well as calming and focusing of the mind.

There will also be opportunities for inclusion with mainstream peers from Lancasterian School during the school week, both in class and in the shared playground areas.


Please keep using the home/school books to let us know about things you do with your child at the weekends or about any other news you wish to share – so that we can talk about this to the children at the beginning of the day.


Yours sincerely,


Mary James, Lilia Koskinen and the Polar Class Team