Paddington Class Autumn 2018

September 2018


Dear parents and carers,


Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself as the new class teacher in Paddington Class and just express how happy I am to be working with your child and you this year. 


Paddington Class have had an excellent start back to the school and I've been incredibly impressed by how each child has taken changes in their stride including a newly built classroom and a new teacher. Every child already appears very happy and settled in their new room, there have been lots of smiles, laughter and learning! 



Our topic for this term is animals. We will be exploring this through stories including ‘Giraffes Can't dance,’ 'Mr Sloth' and after half term 'Day Monkey, Night Monkey'. We will explore the many different animals and habitats in the the story, experiencing them using a multisensory approach.  Children will be encouraged to experience various textures, smells, sounds and movements related to the topic and develop their preferences and communication in response to these. 



Paddington class hope to make use of our new school bus. We hope to be going out regularly  on a Monday mornings (weather permitting) to various locations both locally or further afield.  Children will be encouraged to use all their senses while we are out and about-experiencing the sensory elements of Autumn but also locations related to our topic. We also hope to visit a farm or a zoo this term, which you will receive a consent letter about in due course. 



Paddington Class work closely with the multidisciplinary team (MDT) including Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Visual impairment specialists. This term therapists have already been working with children carrying out initial assessments and getting equipment and programmes ready for the new term. 


Teaching and learning

Paddington Class will continue to work on child specific targets which will be set in conjunction with child, teacher, MDT and parents during Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings. Targets set in Paddington class focus on Communication and Language,Personal Social and Emotional development and Physical Development. Teaching in Paddington Class will be engaging and child centred. Resources used will be exciting and varied, again chosen to develop all the senses. Teaching and learning will be specialised to your child's needs, supporting your child to develop the things that are not only pertinent to them, but also enable them to make the greatest progress, in a fun engaging and holistic way. 



We continue to have specialists coming in which children really engage with. Laura the music specialist is working with Paddington Class doing fantastic small group work and whole school music sessions. We will also having weekly dance and movement, PE, yoga, and swimming.


Bits and bobs

Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and we ask that you use the home/school book as necessary.  This includes noting down the times when paracetamol may have been given or whether your child has had any difficulties throughout the night.  All medication request forms will be in the home/school books and require immediate action i.e. making a request for a repeat prescription when the time comes. You will have also received a clip switch, please keep this with the communication book, as we would like to record special messages about your child daily. If you could please use this to record a message for Monday morning as we will have a 'class news' session to find out what your child has done over the weekend. 



For those children who can't yet join us you are still very much part of our class! Myself and Tj will be working together to make sure you can still feel included and take part in the activities we are doing at school!



I very much look forward to meeting you all in the next IEP meeting. 


Lizzie Willsher

Paddington Class teacher