Tutor Group 2 Autumn 2018


September 2018

Dear parents and carers,


Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about in the Summer term.



In literacy this term the students will be looking at developing their narrative skills. They will be looking at using adventurous vocabulary in their writing to interest the reader as well as varying sentence length to create suspense. Students will also be practising their use of speech to help develop their characters.

We will be continuing our grammar work this term, focussing on different ways to begin a sentence. We will also be looking at using different sentence types, for example simple, compound and complex sentences. 


 In maths this term we will be continuing our work on number, revising multiplication and division methods as well as applying these to word problems and real life situations.

The students will also be working on understanding fractions. Calculating how to find fractions of amounts and representing these using images.

In the second half of the term the students will be working on geometry and positioning shapes on a grid using co-ordinates.


Our topic this term is called ‘Exploring Space’. The topic will focus on Space, we will be learning about the planets in our Solar System as well as the functions of the sun. We will also be looking at how the position of the sun affects our day to day lives, creating night and day as well as investigating shadows. We will also be consolidating our knowledge by visiting the Space exhibition at the Science Museum.


This term in P.E. the children will be taking part in swimming once a week as well as Invasion Games.  Swimming will be on a Monday and P.E on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child has the appropriate attire for them to take part.

Independent Living  

Students will be taking part in a variety of independent living skills. For some students this will include independent travel. Other students will be taking part in the Smile Project, buying ingredients from Sainsbury’s and cooking a recipe of their choice.

Expressive Dance

This term we are extremely fortunate to have a teacher, from the Royal Academy of Dance with us. She will be working with the children once a week using creative approaches to dance and choreography.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Eleni Christou 

Class Teacher