Tutor Group 1 Autumn 2018

September 2018


Dear parents and carers,

TG1 have had a great start to the term! We having been getting to know new people like Bilal and me (Lucy), who have just come across from the primary site, and saying ‘hello’ to old friends. Lots of smiles and laughing to get the year started.

This term our topic is focused on animals which we will explore through many different areas. In story time we are going to read some of Aesop’s Fables including The Hare and the Tortoise, The Lion and the Mouse and Town Mouse and Country Mouse. We will also have a think about how animals live by building dens for ourselves and our toy animals. We are hoping to visit a farm or a zoo this term to see some real animals.

We will work closely with the multi-disciplinary team including the Speech and Language Therapists, the Physiotherapists and the Occupational Therapists to create the best learning journeys for your children. The class will also have dance, PE and music lessons with staff from around the school or visiting specialists. They will have regular opportunities to go swimming at the primary site.

We will explore maths through number songs and activities including our ‘Who is going to get number 5?’ game, our giant dice game and having competitions such as skittles or how many hats we can get on our heads. We will also use sensory exploration, messy play and games like hide and seek.

We are really looking forward to this coming Autumn term and I look forward to meeting you all for our next IEPs to discuss how well your children are doing.

Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and we ask that you use the home/school book as necessary.  This includes noting down the times when paracetamol may have been given or whether your child has had any difficulties throughout the night.  All medication request forms will be in the home/school books and require immediate action i.e. making a request for a repeat prescription when the time comes.


Yours sincerely,


Lucy Brunnen

Class teacher TG1