Tutor Group 3 Autumn 2018

September 2018



Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope that all the students and their families in TG 3 had an enjoyable summer break.

Our topic this term is ‘The Earth: Our Home’ and below is an outline of what your child will be experiencing.



We will be developing handwriting skills, learning basic spellings and constructing sentences.

Our focus will be on reading books for enjoyment and for information connected to our topic. TG3 will be visiting Dukes Academy library so that they have a wider range of books to choose from.


We will be continuing with addition and subtraction and using it in everyday experiences such as shopping. We will also be exploring shape and continuing basic patterns. There will be weekly cooking sessions as part of the maths/science curriculum.


We will be learning about habitats and how animals can live in different parts of the world. We will be learning and able to explain what alive and not alive means. Students will also be learning about ‘Our Earth’ and how recycling and waste can impact on it.


Pupils will continue to learn about routines and turn taking and they will be encouraged to be as independent as possible. We will focus on communicating preferences/ opinions and feelings using PODD books and Makaton. The focus will be on making and communicating choices.

Creative development: Music and Art,


During class music sessions pupils will be working on their listening skills, start/stop abilities and responding to music through movement. They will be encouraged to use instruments independently in a timely manner and as an accompaniment to a piece of music.

A dance student will be taking a weekly dance session as part of the pupils PE/Creative development curriculum. During art sessions we will be exploring the work of Georgia O’Keefe, looking at plants as well as using recycled materials to create artwork.


Students will use iPads to research about animals and their environments as well as interacting with the class Interactive Whiteboard for music and other activities.


I look forward to seeing you at IEP and AR meetings. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours faithfully,


Catherine Williams (teacher)

Irena, Meti and Angela (Support staff)