Tutor Group 5 Summer Term 2019

April 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,


Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about in this summer term in TG5


Functional Skills Maths

Consolidation of key basic Maths skills with particular focus on Number, Money, Space, shape & Measure and Time.

Application of Maths skills in familiar contexts and practical situations:

·         Shopping.

·         Use of timetables to plan journeys.

·         Following recipes during Cookery tasks.

·         Buying snacks/lunch at a café.

Year 10/11 students – preparation for E1 maths qualification.

Functional Skills English

Reading – students will continue to take part in regular, silent and extended reading sessions. They will focus on reading and understanding their chosen reading book and well as short texts that explain or recount information. The students will develop their skills in reading clearly and fluently with the use of context clues to read less familiar words.  We will also be studying a variety of poems and verse on nature.

Writing – writing short simple sentences, which make sense. Appropriate use of punctuation such as capital letters and full stops.  Writing poetry and verse.  All students will be given E1 practise assessments in preparation for taking their E1 Writing qualification later on in the term.

Speaking and Listening – participation in Speaking and Listening activities with focus on:

·         Speaking and expressing themselves clearly.

·         Understanding of the main points of a discussion.

·         Turn taking.

·         Expressing opinions.

·         Recalling information and relaying messages accurate.

Year 10/11 students – preparation for E1 English qualification.

IPC Topic ‘Insects and Flowers’

The students will be thinking about:

‘Without insects there would be no flowers, without flowers insects would go hungry. What would happen to us if there were no flowers and insects.’


In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • Where flowers and insects prefer to live and grow
  • How to grow lots of different plants in the Vale garden.
  • About the life cycles of insects.

In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

·         How weather and climatic conditions in particular localities and affect the environment and the lives of people living there.

·         How bees help us survive.


In Art, we’ll be finding out:

·        World Artists Depiction of flowers. The students will review and emulate examples of work by famous artists and/or sculptors who have represented flowers or insects in their work.

·        Design motifs in fashion. Students will study a range of fashion designers

·        Using insect and flowers motifs as a stimulus for own clothes design.


In Society, we’ll be finding out:

·        Insects as pets.

·        What special conditions do these insects require? How can they be safely cared for or housed?

·        General pet care

In the International section, we’ll be finding out:

·        How trees or flowers can have special significance as emblems for different countries.

·         This Project will continue until term end.

Travel Training

ONCLR UNIT ‘Using Public Transport’

The students will also continue their unit work to promote travel confidence on public transport in the Haringey Area and Greater London Area.


The students will review their Travel Passports. TfL to ratify.




‘Make a simple meal’

Creative Independent Living Skills


Students to continue practise preparing a range of simple recipes independently and investigate food from flowering plants.



2.   PSHE



ONCLR Units ‘Community Project’, and ‘Communication Skills’


Also, TG5 will continue working with ‘WE ORG’, to create and extend campaigning and volunteering links with vulnerable groups the Haringey Area. They will also meet motivational speakers


This term we will be working on developing and performing the creative results of last term’s work. They will showcase their work at an old people’s home in Tottenham.


‘Community Project’

E3 Students will document the organization of the old people’s project


‘Communication Skills’

E1 Students will take part in ‘Lego Therapy’.




Invasion Games and swimming.

Song – improvised composition of simple melodies and rhythm phrases.

Contemporary Dance and movement with flowers and insect inspired movement motifs.


Movement for relaxation: The students will take have a weekly Yoga session.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely


Class Tutors: Richard Tharp and Jess Pinnells