Medical Support


The School Nurse is employed by The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust. The Nurse is based at Primary Department at Lancasterian Primary School and visits the other sites regularly. The aims of the service are:


·         To ensure optimum health of the student population.


·         To minimise the effects of health difficulties on students’ education and facilitate attendance.


·         To provide information, advice and support to students and their families on health related issues.


·         To offer an immunisation programme in line with Department of Health guidelines and The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust policy.


·         To organise annual medicals with the school doctor.


·         To organise annual screening of vision, hearing and dental health.


·         To assist in Health Promotion programmes empowering students to make choices for healthy lifestyles.


To encourage students’ independence and enable them to make choices about their care.




In addition to the teams based at the school, we also have regular input from a Consultant Paediatrician and a Dietician who specialises in complex feeding issues.


Any medication must be supplied with their original label to ensure that the correct dosage is given and must be transported via bus escort,if being sent in with a child. If a child is required to take ANY medication during the school day we must have parental permission and that of a General Practitioner before school staff can administer it.