Hydrotherapy pool

Our larger than average (7.45 x 7.30 metre) hydrotherapy pool offers many additional benefits compared to a  general public swimming pool. The most important distinction to make is that the water temperature is kept at a constant 34*C and the surrounding humidity is kept higher than average, providing a lovely warm environment for children of all abilities.

We realise that many families have concerns about using a public pool because the water is too cold, there being inadequate disabled facilities for changing a larger child, or concerns over noise, splashing and crowds. Having our own dedicated pool means that children can access hydrotherapy in an environment suitable to their individual needs.

The warm environment of the hydro pool allows children to relax and encourage confidence. Our principles at ‘The Vale’ are based on the fundamental idea that a confident child is able to find the water both stimulating and enjoyable.

Many of the children who use our pool have physical disabilities such as muscle conditions, stiff joints and limited movement. These children find the weightless conditions of the water very relaxing; this has the effect of stimulating their senses and allowing them some freedom of movement. The water also alleviates a lot of pressure relieving some of the pain the children may experience.

Hydrotherapy Assistants are Halliwick certified. Halliwick is widely recognised as the ideal method of teaching swimming to people with any kind of special needs. The method includes mental and physical adjustment to the water, relaxation, breathing and balance control before working on propulsion.

Our staff ensure that all children, no matter what their disability, can gain confidence in the water. We are aware that children progress at different rates that is why we tailor our lessons to suit each child. Many of the children who have used our pool have made major achievements from swimming without the use of aids to integrating with children from mainstream.