Parental Involvement

How parents are involved in school  life


We warmly welcome parents into school for

- A range of regular meetings, eg Individual Education Plan (IEP) reviews, Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings, Annual Reviews, Parent/teacher consultations.

- Parental Involvement week

- Coffee mornings

- Informal drop-ins to share information

We communicate with parents/carers through:

- Daily communication books where appropriate

- Telephone calls

- Letters

- School text messaging service

- Whole school meetings

- Vale Vibe – our half termly newsletter


We communicate with families whose first language is not English by;

- Having interpreters at meetings- both individual and group.

- Using the skills of staff speaking other community languages to phone and write to families.

- Requesting translated materials  if appropriate


We seek parents’ views

- In meetings

- Through parental questionnaires

- We welcome parents’ phone calls or visits


We have four parent governors who sit on the school governing body.