Visit to World War 1 Battlefields

February 2015

Pupils from TG4 took part in the First World War 1 Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme, which is offering every English state-funded secondary school the opportunity to learn about the war first-hand, until March 2019.


Along with twenty-eight children and 14 teachers, two of our pupils travelled with Deputy Headteacher Tony Millard to some of the sites where servicemen of all nationalities lost their lives.  The visit to the London Cemetery, in Longueval, France, was a poignant experience for our pupils who comment on their experiences:


"When I entered the cemetery I felt shocked at all the graves. At first I didn’t know what to say."


"It was really emotional. On the way on the coach we were seeing it constantly and talking about it and it was a bit nerve-wracking. Everyone dies, we all die someday, but that amount of tombstones made me like, ‘Woah’.”


Following on from their visit, the Vale pupils will create a song about their feelings and experiences and tell the story of another local soldier - George Baxter Lowson.