'My Mate George' song


'My Mate George' is an award winning First World War Centenary Legacy 110 project written by Jhonattan and Zach from the Vale School in Tottenham in proud memory of a fallen local soldier George Baxter Lowson 1887-1917.

The song is the product of the work the students did following a government funded battlefields tour in February 2015. When asked to find the grave of a local soldier the boys proceeded to record their thoughts and feelings about this, thus writing the lyrics to the song.

Finding George was an emotional experience mixed with sadness and pride. We hope our song is a fitting tribute to all the soldiers like George who made the ultimate sacrafice.

Special thanks to the students, staff and parents of the Vale School.

Extra special thanks to 'Backdrop' the Vale school band - Jhonattan and Zach (vocals), Richard Tharp (guitar), Johanne James (drums), Tony Millard (bass) and Peter Desmond (trumpets). Song produced by Tom Pavelka.


To view the song please follow this link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxK8jSFr7qI&feature=youtu.be