Pupil Premium Information


Pupil Premium Plan 2020 – 2021

Pupil Premium is allocated to students from low income families and there are criteria as to who and how students qualify. Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However we are accountable as to how the additional funding has been used to support pupils from low income families.


Our Pupil Premium allocation for 2020 – 2021 is £50,560 representing approximately 50% of pupils across the Vale School.


Key areas of planned expenditure for this year are: 

·         Specialist music and yoga sessions (ready for learning)  £12,260

·         Wellbeing / psychotherapy (ready for learning)  £9,000

·         Additional Speech and Language Therapy input to enhance provision £18,300

·         Additional staff support / interventions eg communication and access £11,000


Our Looked After Children receive additional specific funding, which will be spent on individual resources/provision for them  



Pupil premium

Impact of Pupil Premium for the year 2019/20 (Funding allocated: £51,710)   




Pupil premium Intervention

Budget Allocation



Specialist music and yoga sessions (ready for learning) 


1:1, small group and whole department music sessions as an enhancement of the curriculum; whole school zoom music during lockdown and beyond



Class based special yoga sessions

Pupils’ self-confidence, expression and turn taking skills enhanced, impacting on learning and progress. Key impact during Covid – music sessions led the way on zoom, up and running very quickly and maintained during lockdown and beyond


Pupils’ physical needs improved, supporting readiness for learning in other areas of the curriculum.


Wellbeing / psychotherapy


1:1 work with pupils and their families identified as needing support particularly with

emotional needs. Parent group input

Pupils’ self- confidence, emotional resilience enhanced impacting on readiness for learning in other areas. Parents feel supported impacting positively on wider needs of pupils.


Subsidy of trips and educational visits (wider learning experiences)


Enhanced curriculum opportunities through class visits September 2019 to March 2020

Wider opportunities to develop understanding of the world.



Additional staff support/interventions eg communication and access


Additional 1:1 / 2:1 for access to the curriculum, additional time to carry out PODD intervention work

Enhanced work in identified areas was impacting on pupil progress. During lockdown, staff time to liaise with families, run remote sessions, supported pupils to continue learning.


Additional Speech and Language Therapy input to enhance provision


Enhancement of health and LA provision of therapy to support individual pupils’ needs – carried forward to new budget

Some impact in Autumn term – launch of the communication rainbow and staff training ensured pupils were receiving appropriate input and strategies








Year 7 catch up funding is spent on transition from Primary to Secondary for Year 7 pupils, with a focus on communication and individual interventions according to needs, including cover for staff liaison. 



Our Looked After Children receive additional specific funding, which has been spent on individual resources/provision for them relating to their learning needs, including music equipment, laptop and story sacks.



 The PE and Sport Premium is a government funded initiative designed to improve the quality of PE and sports activities in primary schools.



Vale School is a Project Ability school and we acknowledge the impact that a high quality physical education and school experience has on young people’s physical, social and cognitive development. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities in sport have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude, behaviour and academic achievement of all our students.


The PE and Sports Premium will contribute to continuing, developing and extending our provision by 

- Hiring qualified PE and dance specialists to work alongside and upskill teachers/support staff when teaching PE
- Developing partnership work with local sports clubs and sport providers, particularly Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Middlesex County Cricket Club, Step Into Dance and Panathlon Challenge
- Providing places for pupils on after school and holiday sport clubs and residential visits
- Developing partnership work with local schools to create higher quality provision
- Paying for professional development opportunities for staff and volunteers in PE/sport
- Providing cover to release teachers/support staff for professional development in PE/sport
- Developing and running sport competitions and increasing participation in the school games
- Developing the skills of young leaders to support primary aged pupils.