Special Yoga

  We have introduced Special Yoga across Vale school this year, and it is supporting pupils in many different ways:


Improving motor skills and physical fitness: The various poses and movements in Special yoga develop the pupils’ flexibility, strength, balance and posture. The breathing excises teach our students to breathe properly and help expand their lung capacity. It also helps balance the students’ energy levels.

Developing awareness of the senses:  the activities help students to become more observant and encourage them to use their senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and especially touch.

Fostering emotional growth: we all know that physical well-being enhances mental well-being. Special Yoga addresses the person as a whole, it help our children to balance their emotions, relax their minds, strengthen their concentration, and be flexible when met with unexpected circumstances.

Building social skills: The practice of Special Yoga gives participants ample opportunities to work in pairs, in small groups and as a class. Doing exercises together stimulates students’ ability to negotiate with and pay attention to each other, thus making them more considerate of others.        

Fostering creativity: Regular Special Yoga sessions help students to improvise movement and engage in role play, make drawings, speak about what they have learned and otherwise express themselves creatively. The sessions encourage students to maintain their spontaneity and originality to carry forward into their later lives

Being ready to learn: We have seen a positive impact on the learning for pupils in other areas of the curriculum through the physical stretches, including getting a better night's sleep ready for the following day!