Tutor Group 1 Autumn Term 2019

September 2019


Dear parents and carers,

We are all really happy and excited about the start of the new school year. Our staff team is made up of myself - Lucy Brunnen, class teacher and Paula, Luisa, Judy, Janice, SNAs. 

Our topic is The World Around Us. In TG1 we follow the IEYC which is the International Early Years Curriculum which blends in well with the IPC International Primary Curriculum.   We have 2 stories this term: For the first half we are exploring The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and for the second half we are going to have fun with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

We will be exploring our surroundings including trips to the local shops to buy ingredients for cooking. We will be thinking about looking after our environment including creating a junk model band. With this in mind please could you send in any empty boxes, plastic bottles etc. We will continue to play lots of maths/anticipation games to encourage children to think about what is happening next. We also want them to vocalise or indicate in some way when they want a turn. We have lots of fun art activities planned including using clay to build a fox’s den, creating tree people and making a display to go with our stories. We will also carry on with our regular music, dance and PE sessions including swimming at the Primary Department.

We work closely with the multi-disciplinary team including the Speech and Language Therapists, the Physiotherapists and the Occupational Therapists to create the best learning journeys for your children. Communication is key for the children in our class. We use Makaton signs throughout the day and objects of reference when the children are going to move somewhere else. Some children in class have PODD books and core boards. Some children will use TaSSeLs as part of their daily communication. TaSSeLs (Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners) is a system of touch-speech cues to promote effective communication with people with profound and complex learning disabilities, some of whom may have a visual impairment.  Throughout the Autumn term we will have weekly visits from Keziah who is the speech and language therapist attached to our class. This will be to support the children in developing their individual communication skills.

We are really looking forward to this coming Autumn term. I look forward to meeting you all for our next IEPs to discuss how well your children are doing and where we think they can progress to next, agreeing individual targets appropriate for each child.

Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and we ask that you use the home/school book as necessary.  This includes noting down the times when paracetamol may have been given or whether your child has had any difficulties throughout the night.  All medication request forms will be in the home/school books and require immediate action.  

Yours sincerely, 

Lucy Brunnen

Class teacher TG1