Tutor Group 4 Autumn Term 2019

September 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,



Welcome back to the new academic year at The Vale. TG4 students have settled in well and seem happy to be back at school. Joining Tajjallah, Stella, Olivia, Tammy, Kuba and Lisa are; Nathan, Edwina, Hannah, Victoria, and Sokaina. Detailed below is how we will cover the curriculum.



Throughout the year we will focus on phonics, reading for meaning, spelling and using dictionaries as well as sentence building. We will work closely with the speech and language therapist on shape coding, a teaching technique used to build and extend the students verbal sentences.


We always start of the year revisiting place value. We will look at how numbers are made, recognising the digits in numbers, knowing which numbers are greater than, less than or equal to. We will work on addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.   When working on shape, space and measure we will learn how to measure and use related vocabulary. Measure will be covered through practical activities such as cooking and shopping.





The topic for this term is Our World.

When looking at the science elements we will focus on:

Animals, plants and birds in our local environment

The best soil conditions to grow seeds

How we can recycle and reuse materials to help our environment

How we can set up our own composting club

When learning about geography elements we will focus on:

Different wildlife habitats in our local environment

Animals and insects that share our local environment

How our local environment compares with other locations around the world



There are three sections we will focus on for this term;

Friends- how to develop friendships and care for each other as well as our responsibilities as friends.

Family- concepts of a family, who is part of our family, recognising differences and similarities in families.

Playing and learning together- understand that bullying is wrong and how to seek help



ICT will be covered during topic work. The students will do a lot of research using laptops. We will also take photos, learn to edit by cropping and printing.

In terms of technology the students will learn how to make model gardens and how to design and make our own bird feeders

Expressive Arts

In Art we will create artwork using natural materials and learn:

How to make a tree collage

How to make a silhouette of our local skyline

How to design and create our own sensory garden

In Music we will learn:

How to create our own sound journey around our school

About music and songs, written about the weather


We will explore local environment to look at nature and hopefully create some art pieces based on the work of sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy.

When we do go on trips letters will be sent home for your information and consent.



Homework will be set every week. The work will be based on literacy, numeracy or IPC work covered during the week. Please support your child and encourage them to do a little each day. If the work appears to be rather challenging, please write a note beside it so we are aware.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Pamela Palanyandi


Class Tutor


Support Staff: Serena, Ewa, Angela, Lee