Teddy Bear Class Autumn 2019

Autumn term 2019


Dear Parents and Carers of Teddy Bear Class,

Welcome everyone! We are excited to have our returning students back and to welcome our new students and their families to Teddy Bear class!

Below is a list of everyone in our class; students and grown-ups.


Staff and role



Megan (Mon-Wed)  class teacher

Roshni - Speech and Language


Caroline (Th-Fri) class teacher

Jess - Physiotherapist


Tracey nursery nurse

Caroline - Occupational therapist


Velma special needs assistant

Zoe – Dance teacher


Agata special needs assistant

Laura - Music teacher

Stevie Mae


Kwame – PE teacher



This half term our topic is ‘The World Around Us’.

As we are an early years class we will be using an holistic and multisensory approach to learning as this is the best way for young children to begin to make sense of the world around them. We will ensure the children become familiar and confident with the daily routine as in this way they will feel more secure to take part in new activities and experiences.

We will be getting to know our new friends, exploring the classroom and outdoor areas which is the world that matters to young children. We will enjoy many songs and rhymes and use puppets and speakers to retell and re-enact what we have learned.

Sensory exploration and outdoor play are an important part of our daily routine and we will be doing lots of learning using paint, play dough, pasta, shaving foam and cornflour, to name just a few. To support our Maths development we have sand and water trays in the classroom and garden for the children to experiment with capacity, weight, size, colour and shape. These experiences encourage our children explore and use their senses to understand the world around them. Please make sure your child wears clothes that are comfortable and can get messy. A spare change of clothes for your child can be left in school in case they do need to be changed.


We will be sending home a class timetable for your child in the next fortnight. This way you will be able to see what your child has been doing each day from physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Music, Dance and PE and hopefully make it easier to talk with your child about their time at school.


We enjoy playing with our friends in the Lancasterian nursery and reception classrooms and outside areas. There are several small group sessions each week with our friends joining us for cooking, singing, dance and PE. In the next few weeks we will be opening our doors in the afternoon so that the children can choose to play in either the Vale or Lancasterian nursery classroom. These are lovely opportunities to develop personal, social and emotional skills such as making friends, sharing and turn taking.



We work closely with the multidisciplinary team including Speech and Language, Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, dietician and the school nurse. Children in Teddy class will have daily therapy devised by therapists but implemented by the class team.


Home School Books

Your child has a home school book that should go home and come back to school every day. On the daily sheet we will let you how your child has been feeling, what they have eaten and what they have been busy doing at school. Please let us know if your child has any hospital visits or appointments coming up. We really like to hear about what your child is doing at home so we can talk to them about it at school. Anything from their favourite tv show, a birthday or special family occasion. If there is anything else you would like to know or if you have any questions, please leave a note in the book and we will get in contact.

Megan, Caroline, Tracey, Velma and Agata