Teddy Bear Class Spring 2020

Spring term 2020


Dear Parents and Carers of Teddy Bear Class,


Happy New Year and welcome back everyone! The children have been so happy to come back to school and be with their friends. They remember our class routines and have taken part in activities enthusiastically.


Topic - This term our topic is ‘Blast Off’. Our key texts will be ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy and ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen. We will use puppets, props and speakers to retell and re-enact what we have learned. 


We will be learning songs and nursery rhymes such as ‘Zoom to the Moon’ and ‘5 Little Aliens’ in circle time to help develop the children’s anticipation and number experience. Our twice a week music sessions with Laura will give the children more opportunities to explore music, dance, games and movement while learning to take turns and participate in a group.


The children are all becoming more confident and have made much progress in their physical development. In addition to daily standing and individual physiotherapy programmes, we will have weekly PE sessions with Kwayne the Spurs coach on Friday and a fun dance session with Zoe on Monday. The children also have an opportunity to participate in hydrotherapy sessions and in the soft room which will give them safe spaces to move more freely as well as building stamina and having fun.  


As part of our holistic, interactive and sensory early years curriculum we will continue exploring and investigating with a range of tactile materials. These experiences encourage our children to explore and use their senses to understand the world around them. Please make sure your child wears clothes that are comfortable and can get messy. A spare change of clothes for your child can be left in school in case they do need to be changed. 


Inclusion - We have daily inclusion sessions with our friends in the Lancasterian nursery and reception classes. They join us for cooking, singing, dance and PE in Teddies classroom and we go to their classrooms to build relationships and explore their resources, especially in the playground!


Home School Books - Your child has a home school book that should go home and come back to school every day. Thank you for keeping us informed of appointments and special events. We really like knowing what your child is up to so we can talk to them about it and help them get ready if they have to leave early. Therapists sometimes leave notes or targets in the books to go home. On the daily sheet we will let you know how your child has been feeling, what they have eaten and what they have been busy doing at school. If you have any questions you are welcome to write them in the book or call the school to speak to us. 


We are looking forward to continue working with you and your children. 


Megan, Caroline, Tracey, Velma and Agata