Tutor Group 4 Spring Term 2020

January 2020



Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back into the New Year. It is lovely to see the students return looking refreshed and enthusiastic. Below is an outline of the curriculum for the spring term.



This term we will focus on two main themes; Letters and sounds which will help develop reading and writing and Shape Coding to enhance verbal and written sentences. We will continue with reading fiction and non-fiction texts and answering comprehension questions. We will also work on spellings and have a spelling test very Monday.



We will continue with similar themes from last half term; place value, addition, subtraction, time and money. Multiplication and division will be introduced.


International Primary Curriculum(IPC) Topic

The topic for this term is Seeing the Light

Geography: Looking at local maps and planning the route from home to school. Countries which experience 24 hour winter darkness.

Science: looking a light sources (natural and man-made)

Night and day cycle (linked with time)


Sun, planets and seasons

Importance of the sun for growth

Looking at reflective and non-reflective materials



There are three sections we will focus on for this term which will endeavour to cover through role-play;

Physical changes to our bodies

Changes in feeling and emotions (this will be mainly covered when working on the Open Minds Project)

Making choices and keeping safe



ICT will be covered during topic work. The students will do a lot of research using laptops. We will also take photos, learn to edit by cropping and printing.


Expressive Arts


Art: using charcoal to create shadows and shading (light and dark) Painting a night scene, firework scene

Special Yoga will continue on Friday mornings.

Dance will continue on Thursday mornings

PE will be on Tuesday.

Music will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.



Homework will be set every week. The work will be based on literacy,spellings numeracy or IPC work covered during the week. Please support your child and encourage them to do a little each day. If the work appears to be rather challenging, please write a note beside it so we are aware.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Pamela Palanyandi


Class Tutor

Support Staff: Serena, Ewa, Angela, Lee