Brown Bear Class Spring 2020

January 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,  


In Brown Bear Class this term we will be exploring the topic of ‘Blast Off’. Over the next few weeks, the children will be involved in all sorts of fun activities to do with Space. They will build rockets and train to be astronauts, visiting the moon and flying amongst the stars.  The children will even be opening a space restaurant and cooking up some fun space food. Children will also be learning about night and day, light and dark and exploring different environments with torches to create their own moonbeams.   


Following our Expressive Arts and Design Curriculum, the children will have opportunities to explore the world around them through first-hand exploration and sensory play.  Our Creative Partners Drama Sessions will help us to explore our Space theme first-hand. Mainstream friends will be joining us for these sessions, as well as our regular weekly dance and music sessions in class.

We will be using recycled materials to make our own ‘Rockets’.  Our dance teacher, Zoe will be working with us to explore how to move our bodies in Space. Messy Play and exploration of different media and materials will encourage children to explore and use their senses to better understand the world around them. 


Our Literacy activities will include daily phonics activities to explore letters and their sounds. Children will be exploring a range of stories such as, ‘Whatever Next?’, ’ How to catch a Star,’ ‘Papa please get the Moon’.


To support children with their Physical Development, our Spurs coaches will be passing on their ball skills and supporting children to develop their hand-eye coordination. The children will participate in regular games of basketball and skittles. When possible, children will be enjoying outdoor play and experiencing all the elements, either in their chairs or in their walkers.  Hydrotherapy sessions and the use of the large soft room will allow the children to have a safe and imaginative space in which to move freely. 


We would like to continue our learning-link partnership with you, so that we can work together to help your child learn in the best possible way. Please help by capturing your child’s curiosity and keeping us informed about what he/she is most interested in doing at home. This helps us to plan relevant learning experiences that will appeal to your child’s curiosity. You can do this through the home/school book. We very much hope your child will enjoy exploring this topic with us.


Best wishes,


Merja and the Brown Bear Team