Paddington class activities


Paddington Class


Hello Paddington Bears, I hope you are all doing well - we are missing you all very much. I know this can be a very busy time for parents and carers but I thought if you do have some time I am going to put some little activities down below that you may wish to try and some links of fun stories and messy activities.


Make a rainbow


So first I thought in the situation we are all in I thought it would a great idea to make a rainbow. To bring lots of colour and smiles. You can use finger tips, hands, toes whatever you feel is best. I know also people may not have the right equipment so if you don’t have any paint you could maybe collect some colourful objects around the house e.g clothes, food to create your own rainbow. Anything you can get your hands on to make your colourful rainbow. Please send a picture of your lovely art work I would love to see your rainbows.



Story Time

In class we have been reading the story whatever next I have managed to find a audio book through YouTube that you may all like to listen to. If possible turn the lights out and if you have any colourful lights or torches it makes the story really fun to listen to.




Lets get messy!

Another activity if you want to get really messy would be corn flour. It has great textures and Paddington class love a mess. If you add diluted juice you can even make a lovely smell as well as a colour depending on what you choose to use. Adding water is absolutely fine. Allow the children to explore the dry texture before you add your diluted juice or water.



Let's Relax

Paddington’s also do love a relaxing afternoon with the lights low doing one of our Tac Pac sessions and luckily I have been able to find a really nice Tac Pac session on YouTube you may wish to use. Also just general hand and foot massages with calming music and cream is also really nice and relaxing for them.



Good Morning Song

Lastly I am going to attach our song we sing in the morning before we say hello to each child this is ‘Our Good Morning’ song.



Take care and be safe and hopefully see you all very soon. 


Stacey and All of Paddington Team