Tutor Group 1 Autumn 2020

September 2020


Dear parents and carers,


The TG1 staff team this year are me (Lucy - class teacher), Paula, Luisa and Judy (SNAs) Nicole, Cecylia and Anna (SMSAs) and we are all so excited to be back at school and have all the children from TG1 back with us. We really enjoyed our remote sessions but we are so happy to be back together in the school environment. From the first day we could tell the children were all so happy to be back again.


This term we are following the Recovery Curriculum. This is in recognition of the unprecedented experience that the children and staff have been through. The Recovery Curriculum acknowledges what we have missed out on and focuses on how we build being back at school into a positive experience for all involved.


We are focusing on building up the following:


Relationships – Some children may feel happy to be back, some may be anxious some may be sad. We will not tell them how they should feel but respond to how they are feeling and behaving in a way that lets them know this is okay.


Community – We must recognise that curriculum has been based in the community for a long period of time. We need to listen to what has happened in this time, understand the needs of our community and engage with you in the transitioning of learning back into school.


Transparent Curriculum – We will help the children by offering familiar activities such as sensory stories and anticipation games or cooking to enable them to remember the kind of things they have done at school in the past and what is likely to happen again in the future.


Metacognition – In different environments, students will have been learning in different ways. It is vital that we make the skills for learning in a school environment explicit to our students to reskill and rebuild their confidence as learners.


Space – We will give the children plenty of time to be themselves, to rediscover their surroundings, to rediscover their friendship group. We will not rush them into anything. If they appear to need a quiet and restful day then that is what we will give them. If they appear to need to be active then we will facilitate that for them as well.


We will be working on two sensory stories. One will be ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and the other will be ‘Some Dogs Do’. We will continue with our familiar anticipation games as well as music, art, cookery and PE. This term is very much going to be led by the children. We will be sensitive to their needs each day and this will inform how we work with them.


We will continue to work closely with the multi-disciplinary team including the Speech and Language Therapists, the Physiotherapists and the Occupational Therapists to create the best learning journeys for your children. Communication is key for the children in our class. We use Makaton signs throughout the day and objects of reference when the children are going to move somewhere else.


We are really looking forward to this coming Autumn term. I look forward to meeting you all for our next IEPs to discuss how well your children are doing and where we think they can progress to next, agreeing individual targets appropriate for each child.


Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and this term we will be using text messaging, emails or phone calls to communicate about the school day. Please feel free to contact me during the hours of 8.30amd and 5pm if you have any comments or queries. 


Yours sincerely, 

Lucy Brunnen

Class teacher TG1