Tutor Group 3 Spring Term 2020

September 2020


Dear families,


I hope that all our pupils and families in TG 3 had an enjoyable summer holiday and are pleased to be back in school. We have planned a Recovery Curriculum to support our pupils returning to school after the lockdown. This means that we will focus on our feelings, building relationships again and looking forward as well as what they may have missed during this time.


Our topic during this term is ‘This is Me’ and below is an outline of what your child will be experiencing during the term.



In English we will be reading for pleasure and for information. Pupils will continue to learn Makaton signs and to use PODD books/symbol boards. They will be learning letter sounds to support with reading through a phonics scheme called Letters and Sounds. We will be playing language games to develop their verbal communication.



The pupils will be continuing with number recognition, addition and subtraction and using it in everyday experiences such as shopping. They will also be exploring ‘more’ and ‘less’ and how to identify what is the same and what is different about objects. There will be weekly cooking sessions as part of the maths/science/PHSE curriculum.



Pupils will be identifying different body parts and how to develop a healthy lifestyle by making good choices. We will explore why we need food and how it supports us with energy, growth and keeping healthy. This will also be part of our cooking sessions



Pupils will continue to learn about routines and turn taking and they will be encouraged to be as independent as possible.TG3 will focus on communicating their preferences/opinions and their feelings using PODD books and Makaton signs. The focus will be on making and communicating choices. They will also be discussing emotions and friendship, how to make friends and how to be friends with others. The class will be creating ‘Happy Boxes’ to focus on what makes them feel happy.


Creative development: Music, Art and PE

During class music sessions pupils will be working on their listening skills, start/stop abilities and responding to music through movement. They will be learning songs and recalling basic tunes.

A dance student will be taking a weekly Zoom dance session as part of the pupils PE/Creative development curriculum. During art sessions the pupils will be exploring self-portraits, designing jigsaw pieces to represent our school community.

We will have as many outdoor activities as possible while the weather is good. The focus will be on moving, throwing and catching sports equipment and making the most of the outdoor space available.



I look forward to talking to you at IEP and EHCP meetings. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours faithfully,


Catherine (Teacher)    Meti, Janice and Esther (Support staff)