Tutor Group 5 Autumn 2020

September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


This term’s topic is called ‘This is me’.  This topic will form part of the recovery curriculum which aims to support our students in settling back into school life, after what for many of our students, was a long time out of class.  The curriculum will focus ensuring our students are feeling happy and secure to be back at school.  We will also be working on our friendship skills.  Rebuilding positive relationships, as well as developing the new friendships we have in our new class group.  Students will be given daily opportunities to voice and express any concerns or feelings they would like to share as well as time to get used to our ‘new normal’. 


Please find below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about in this Autumn Term in TG5


Recovery Curriculum for TG5

Functional Skills Maths

Consolidation of key basic Maths skills with particular focus on Number and Geometry.

Application of Maths skills in familiar contexts and practical situations:

- Measuring length, distant and time

- addition and subtraction (carrying numbers over)

- multiplication

- Use of timetables, charts and graphs

- Following recipes during Cookery tasks.

- Buying snacks/lunch at a café.


Functional Skills English

Reading – students will continue to take part in regular, silent and extended reading sessions.  

They will also focus on reading and understanding short fictional or non-fictional texts that explain or recount information.  They will work on reading fluently and the use of context clues to read less familiar words.

Writing – writing short non-fiction narratives and creative writing activities with a focus on sentence structure, appropriate use of punctuation including speech marks and use of extended vocabulary. 

Speaking and Listening – participation in Speaking and Listening activities with focus on:

- Speaking and expressing themselves clearly.

- Understanding of the main points of a discussion/comprehension.

- Expressing opinions.

- Recalling information and following instructions.

- All students will receive weekly homework and spellings to learn.


Creative Independent Living Skills



Presentation of Artwork

Independent Living – particularly travel training has had to be modified, but wherever possible the students will safely explore the local environment surrounding the school

They will still research and access differing resources and facilities in the local area.


Science, Human biology

Students will learn about the main senses, taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.  We will also be studying digestion, balanced diets and the skeleton



Internet and phone safety


PE, Music, Dance, Movement for relaxation.

Team Games and Swimming.

Popular Song – improvised compositions of simple melodies and rhythm phrases. Playing in an ensemble Music tech – equipment and instruments in a band.

Contemporary Dance and movement for a healthy lifestyle. 

The students will take have a weekly Yoga session


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely


Class Tutors: Jess Pinnells and Richard Tharp