Paddington Class Autumn 2021

September 2021


Dear Parents and Carers, 


Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new class teacher of Paddington Class. My name is Thelma Francis and I have been given the delightful opportunity of getting to know and to teach the children this year. The wonderful team members that are going to help me to support your children this academic year are Sandy, Stacey, Aksena, Marlena and Agata.


The children are settling in nicely after the summer holiday break, and the normal routines which keep our children feeling safe and secure are being re-established so that the children can feel comfortable, relaxed and confident enough to be able to focus on their new learning experiences.


In Paddington class we have always used a holistic approach to the curriculum and we will continue to work in this way as we gradually reintroduce pupils to routines and favourite activities and rebuild our friendships and bonds with peers and adults.


We will therefore focus on our relationships with each other; encourage the children to express their feelings through continuing to develop total communication systems for individuals; ensure the physical wellbeing of each child is appropriately monitored and managed; and of course we will have fun – by returning to activities which we know the children have enjoyed.


The topic for this term is ‘My Toy Shop’, in which we will be exploring toys and games, using books such as Kipper’s Toybox. Our sensory curriculum will provide us with inspiration and lots of opportunities to investigate this theme through play and exploration. 


We will make our curriculum as creative and as interactive as possible and explore using a variety of sensory and immersive activities, to stimulate the children’s awareness and encourage participation in their learning.


We are looking forward to a positive and productive term – and we aim to involve you all as much as possible.


With best wishes from the Paddington Class Team.


Thelma (Teacher)         Stacey               Sandy                 Aksena             Agata               Marlena