Tutor Group 4 Autumn 2021

September 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to you all.


It has been a delight to meet our new students in our new class. We have been impressed to see how much they have grown during the summer break and they all look very smart in their new school uniform! It was lovely seeing them quickly settle into their new class, a familiar teacher, and a new team.


We are getting on with establishing our class routines, learning new topics, discovering and exploring new places around the school. We all look forward to an exciting and engaging autumn term. Our curriculum will provide us with inspiration and lots of opportunities to investigate through learning, exploration, discovery and experiences. We will make our curriculum as creative and as interactive as possible to stimulate the students' awareness, curiosity and participation.



This term’s topic is  “My toy shop” . This topic will form part of the recovery curriculum which aims to support our students in settling back into school life, after what, for many, was and still is quite a difficult and stressful  experience living through a global pandemic.

The curriculum will focus on ensuring our students are happy, nurtured and feel safe and are able to engage in their learning and will help them to settle back into normal school life routines.




We will be focussing on phonics, looking at identifying letter sounds, and applying these to reading and writing common CVC words and high frequency words. We will also have weekly diary sessions to find out about our weekend activities. Students will be practising writing sentences using symbols, podd books and communication devices to support them.



Within maths this term we will be looking at Number, Measures and Shapes . The students will be learning about time and looking at their daily routines  as well as the days of the week and months. The students will also be learning about measuring weight, and applying skills to real life situations within cooking.



Within PSHE we will be focusing on the students' wellbeing. We will be talking about our feelings, and learning ways to express ourselves, as well as regulate and talk about how we feel. PSHE is fully embedded within the class day to day activities and underpins all lessons. We will also use a fluid and holistic approach to the curriculum and we will continue to work in this way as we gradually reintroduce our students  to routines and favourite activities and rebuild our friendships and bonds with peers and adults.



Our Science this term will be learning about ourselves and our bodies. We will be talking about the different body parts as well as learning about how our bodies change as we grow.

Thank you in advance for your support.  We look forward to discussing your child’s progress at their PSP ( Personal Support Plans) and Annual Review meetings.


Yours sincerely

Nora (class teacher)