Brown Bear Class Autumn 2021

September 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


It has been lovely welcoming your children into Brown Bear Class this year. They have all settled in extremely well, are enjoying exploring the room and beginning to learn our new routines. We have lots of fun and exciting things planned this year and below is an outline of the areas we will be focusing on during these activities.


Communication and Language

We will be working on our listening and speaking skills, turn taking and making choices, which will be embedded in all areas of our curriculum, through topic, science, nursery rhymes, expressive art and design, story time and learning through play. Through Makaton, Grid 3 and visual aids (e.g. photographs) we will continue to support the children’s understanding, encouraging them to use these to express their wants and needs. There will also be daily phonic sessions, where we will explore different sounds through songs, stories and games.  



This term we will have daily floor time for the children and activities both inside and outside to support their physical development. This time will also be used to work on individual targets supported by our Physiotherapist. 



This term's topic is My Toy Shop. We will be looking at a variety of toys, stories and songs linked to this topic, giving the children the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their friends and things that they enjoy.  



In science this term we will be learning about the body. This topic will have a big focus on using our senses, for example feeling our heart beat, learning parts of the body, using touch to discover different textures and using our sense of smell to discover new scents.


Please email us to let us know how your child is doing during the weekends or any news you would like to share with us – we love hearing about what the children are enjoying outside of school.


Best wishes,

Melanie, Jennifer, Dolores, Michelle and Gosia