Tutor Group 5 Spring 2022

January 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back for the New Year. The students have returned looking refreshed, happy and raring to go! Below is a summary of what we aim to cover for this term.




This term when working on Phonics we will continue to use examples from Little Wandles Letters and Sounds Revised. We will look at one or two sounds each week and our reading tasks will be based on the specific weekly sounds. We will continue our speech and language development using Shape Coding activities to help formulate more coherent and grammatically correct sentences.This will help create more structured written sentences. We will also begin the SmiLe project with the support of the Speech and Language therapists.



This term we will work on time, place value, addition and subtraction, capacity, Position and direction, multiplication division and fractions.


The history topic this term is Time Travellers. We will look at timelines, then and now, new and old, past and present. We will sequence times and events of the school day. We will also learn about Victorian England and compare school life then and now.
The Science theme is Earth and Space. We will look at the solar system, creating different planets. We will focus on vocabulary such as axis, rotation, phases and planets. We will explore the phases of the moon and look at time differences.



The students will work on keeping safe at home, school and the local community. We will also address Online Safety.



ICT skills will be developed and enhanced throughout the whole curriculum.


Expressive Arts

Dance will continue for the students on Tuesdays
Physical development will also be an integral part of their day, through class exercises, break and lunch activities as well as developing specific skills with the help of sports coaches.
Music will be taught once a week.
Art and design will be covered through Science and History topics.


Well Being

We will continue working on the Open Minds Project, focusing on mental well being. The sessions will be led by Paula Manning and will incorporate drama, role play as well as writing and drawing tasks.



Homework will be set every week. Please support your child and encourage them to do a little each day. Homework should be returned every Thursday.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Pamela Palanyandi

Class Teacher