Tutor Group 6 Spring 2022

January 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,



This term’s History topic is ‘Time Detectives.’ We will learn how to read and draw timelines and conduct research into different periods in history. We will be able to look at historical artefacts and discuss how we know if they are modern or historical and some of the differences we have witnessed in our lifetimes.


In English we will be improving our phonics skills and reading ‘The Werepuppy’ by Jacqueline Wilson. We will be practising our letter sounds, and applying these to writing and reading. For writing, we will be learning ‘The Golden Apples’ story of Hercules and writing our own adaptations. Our grammar focus is on writing complex sentences using conjunctions such as; and, because, if, when, although and while.



Within maths this term, we will be looking at place value and measurements of capacity, mass and time. The students will be learning to tell the time in 5 minutes intervals and how to work out the difference between two time intervals as well as becoming secure in knowing the days and months in order. The students will also be learning about measuring weight and capacity, and will be learning to apply these to real life situations within cooking.



In PSHE, we will be focusing on the students staying safe in different situations. We will be talking about what we feel like when we are unsafe and different ways to keep ourselves safe.
We will be talking about keeping ourselves safe out in the world and within the home. Part of this will involve our weekly shopping trips to Sainsbury’s to buy food for our cooking lessons.



Our Science topic this term is space. We will be learning about the planets in the solar system and how earth’s orbit affects day, night and the seasons. We will be conducting experiments with shadows and building models to show how Earth, the moon and the sun interact. We will also be learning to tell the time with shadows and sundials.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours sincerely,



Teacher:    Ellen Power