Brown Bear Class Spring 2022

January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to the new term. This term’s topic is ‘Dinosaur Detectives.’ We will be reading different fictional stories about dinosaurs as well as looking at more realistic representations. We will do a range of art, science and sensory activities linked to this theme. 


In maths we are continuing exploring capacity with a range of materials, for example, sand, water and pasta. We will also begin exploring size. In phonics we will explore different environmental sounds that we can hear both inside and outside. We are also exploring different objects that begin with the same sounds as our names.


In science this term we will be learning about the Earth and Space. We will be developing a sensory story for ‘Whatever Next’ and creating a space display with the children’s artwork.


Please email us to let us know how your child is doing during the weekends or any news you would like to share with us – we would love to hear about what the children are enjoying outside of school.


Best wishes,

Melanie (Teacher) and Brown Bear team