Polar Bear Class Spring 2022

January 2022 


Dear Parents and Carers, 


Happy New Year 2022! We have had a lovely start back to school and we look forward to a busy and very positive Spring term.  


The Topic for Spring term is ‘Dinosaur Detectives’ through which children will be exploring dinosaurs, fossils and bones. Over the next few weeks children will travel back in time and become archaeologists and detectives. We will be reading stories, cooking, gardening, using rhymes, playing games and singing songs with links to our topic.


In English we will be developing language and communication skills with an emphasis on listening and speaking, turn taking and making choices. There will be daily phonics sessions, where we will explore different sounds through songs, stories and games. We will continue with our regular Attention and Focus sessions led both by Speech and Language therapist and class team to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. 


During Maths sessions we will concentrate on exploring numbers and quantities, patterns, colours and shapes through cooking, sensory exploration and anticipation games.


During our class music sessions with Laura we will be working on our listening skills, start and stop abilities and responding to music through movement. We will be learning songs and recalling basic tunes.

During art sessions children will be exploring colours and materials through mark making activities.


We will have as many outdoor activities as possible while the weather is good. The focus will be on walking, standing and balancing and making the most of the outdoor space available. We will also focus on individual physical development and expression, including dance and PE sessions taught by specialist teachers.


In Science this term pupils will be learning about Earth and Space through sensory exploration of different materials and sensory stories.


Thank you in advance for your support.  We look forward to discussing your child’s progress at their PSP (Personal Support Plans) and Annual Review meetings.


With Best Wishes,

Lilia (class teacher) and Polar class team