Online Safety

On 24th February 2022, we had a parents’ session about online safety that was delivered by Ken Corish from the SWGFL. Ken covered a lot of really interesting and useful information about online safety for parents. His presentation is available on the school website alongside the school’s online safety policy. You can also access it here:


Please note, you will need to create an account with Prezi before you can access the presentation.

Below are some top tips from Ken’s presentation.




Remember that the internet is an inspiring and positive place overall and provides lots of benefits for us and our children.


It is important for parents to be aware of parental controls available to them across all devices (smart TV, mobile phone, internet provider, games console etc.)


It is important for everyone to switch off from being connected at some points in the day; both adults and children.


Talk to your children (where appropriate) about healthy use of screens but avoid ‘must’ and ‘have to’. Open up a conversation about healthy and safe use of the internet and screens. 


Set clear expectations for screen, internet and games console use with your children. 


Be engaged and curious about what your children are up to online, on their phone or on their gaming console. Talk to them about their experiences online. 


Use resources such as to help understand what controls are in place for different types of technology. 


Ask your children (where appropriate) if they know where to go for help if something happens online that they don’t like.