Tutor Group 1 Summer 2022

April 2022


Dear parents and carers,


We have had a lovely start to the term and we are looking forward to the rest of the summer. I have contacted you all about joining Tapestry. Tapestry is the system we use to record observations and some assessments. I plan to give you access to one observation a week which will contain videos and photographs. I also plan to put a version of the end of year report on Tapestry so you can see more videos of their activities throughout the year as well as the paper copy you get.


Our topic this term is all about the oceans with a bit about pirates too. In science we are going to be looking at Uses &  Everyday Materials, Living things and their habitats and Life Cycles of animals. We will explore these areas through our interactive stories and sensory play e.g. looking at big and small toy animals and building a pretend fish tank etc. For PSHE we are going to focus on self-care, support and safety; we will support children to communicate their wants and needs and helping them to express how they are feeling. Our two interactive stories this term are The Rainbow Fish for the first half term and The Pirate Next Door for the second, with lots of opportunity for sensory play, exploration and communication.


We are following the subjects that are being done across the school so we can be part of the wider school community but we will be focusing more closely on the 5 areas of the EHCPs: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Sensory and Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Independence. This will mean that as well as joining in with creative and fun activities we can be very focused on the individual learning targets of the class. We will continue to work closely with the multidisciplinary team including the Speech and Language Therapists, the Physiotherapists and the Occupational Therapists to create the best learning journeys for your children. Communication is key for the children in our class. We use Makaton, TaSSels, Objects of Reference, Grid 3 and Communication books. We follow the children’s communication pathways that have been created by the Speech and Language Therapists after discussion with the class team.


I look forward to seeing you all for our next PSP meetings to discuss how well your children are doing and where we think they can progress to next, agreeing individual targets appropriate for each child.


Communication is fundamental to the home/school relationship and this term we will continue to use WhatsApp, emails or phone calls to communicate about the school day. Please feel free to contact me during the hours of 8.30am and 5pm if you have any comments or queries.


Yours sincerely,

Lucy Brunnen

Class teacher TG1