Teddy Bear Class Autumn 2022

September 2022


Dear Parents and Carers


Welcome to Teddy bear class and welcome to all our children and families. We hope you were able to enjoy the wonderful summer weather.


We are sharing with you the things the children will be experiencing and learning over the coming half term.



Children will be settling in to school and learning new routines. They will become used to a longer day in school. They will be getting to know new children and adults and learning to play alongside and with other children. They will find out which activities they enjoy and which they are not so keen on and will communicate how they feel about this.



Children will be learning that different Objects of Reference, pictures, symbols or signs have meaning and help them to understand the routine of the day or what will be happening next. The adults will be observing the children to better understand what and how your children are communicating. The children will be learning some songs and rhymes that represent key points within the day.



Children will have opportunity to access the soft play room and enjoy a weekly yoga session. They will play with a variety of toys and have opportunity to handle a range of small tools such as paint brushes and chalks to support the movement in their hands.



Children will be learning to recognise a core group of songs and rhymes. They will listen to and become familiar with the story “Walking Through the Jungle” linked to our animal theme.



Children will be learning some number names within context e.g. counting the number of children in the class and within number rhymes e.g. “Five Little Monkeys “



Children will become familiar with their own classroom and the wider school environment. We will also be visiting the park to investigate Autumn.


Expressive Art and Design

Children will be exploring a variety of sensory media e.g. paint, shaving foam, bubbles, glue etc. They will have a weekly music lesson and a whole school singing session.



Children in their early years learn best through play, with activities and experiences that they enjoy and challenge them and with adults who know them and interact with them. If there are things you know your child particularly enjoys please share them with us.


We look forward to working with you.


Best wishes


Teddy Bear Team