Panda Class Autumn 2022

Dear parents and carers,


It has been lovely welcoming the children in Panda Bear Class and getting to know the children who have joined our class this year. The children are settling in very well and making friends with their peers in the class.


In Panda Class, we are following a subject specific curriculum as well as focusing on the 5 areas identified on the children’s EHCPs: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Sensory and Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Independence. We will be very focused on the individual learning targets of the class through the curriculum, working closely with the multidisciplinary team of Therapists. Communication is key for the children in our class. Following the children’s communication pathways, that have been created by the Speech and Language Therapists, we use Makaton, Objects of Reference, symbols, communication boards and PODD books.


Communication and Language / English and Literacy

The topic for this term is Fairy tales. We will be reading various stories, sequencing and naming main characters, using rhymes, playing games and singing songs. We will be reading for pleasure and for information. Pupils will continue to learn Makaton signs, symbols and to use symbol boards/ PODD books. Pandas will do lots of intervention work e.g.  ‘See and Learn’ and Attention and Focus sessions where we will be working to develop children’s speaking, listening and communication skills as well as participation and focus in activities. The class will engage in our early phonics program where we will be working on environmental sounds recognition and learning new vocabulary.



During our sessions we will be recognising and understanding numbers and quantities, counting, identifying one more and one less, comparing quantities, matching numbers and quantities and locating numbers on a number line. We will look at and create patterns, recognise colours and sort 2D shapes and their properties with the support of Numicon. We will also be encouraging children to extend their knowledge for problem solving.



Children will be learning about Self-Awareness. Part of this will be focusing on children’s feelings, anxieties and possible worries around transition. We will also spend time to get to know each other and making sure that your child is feeling safe, happy, confident and ready to learn. In addition we will be talking and emphasising Things We Are Good At, Kind and Unkind Behaviours and expressing how that makes us feel.



The topic for this term is Animals Including Humans where we will be identifying common animals, learning about basic human body parts and animal structures. Using sensory experiences and exploration we will also learn about our senses.



Our topic is about differences and similarities, developing a sense of self and others. We will concentrate on building positive relationships with adults and peers. There will be an emphasis on developing individual communication skills. In our lessons we will be learning, exploring and identifying different aspects of our close environment through science and our understanding of the world.



Stretching/Physio and whole class exercises are implemented daily into our morning routine. This term Special Yoga sessions will incorporate stretching and strengthening of the body as well as calming and focusing of the mind. Swimming/Hydro pool sessions are on Tuesday or Friday. Please make sure your child brings the necessary equipment on the day of your child swimming.  Thank You!


Expressive Arts

Art /DT sessions on Wednesdays, dance sessions on Mondays and Flamingo Chicks on Thursdays will encourage children to be creative and expressive. Individual class Music sessions will be on Wednesdays and Whole School Singing Assembly where we will celebrate student’s achievements will be on Fridays.



We will be learning about cause and effect toys and follow the topic of Using a computer through exploring different equipment e.g. lights, blender. We will also be using switches in other activities e.g. cooking.



Children will have an opportunity to explore the topic ‘My Story and Family Heritage and Changes within Living Memory’. We will look at the photos of children and talk to them about present and past.


Our aim is make the curriculum as creative and interactive to make our chidlren’s time in school enriched and rewarding.


Please keep emailing to let us know about things you do with your child at the weekends or about any other news you wish to share – so that we can talk about this to the children at the beginning of the day.


I look forward to seeing you all for our next PSP meetings to discuss how well your children are doing and where we think they can progress to next, agreeing individual targets appropriate for each child.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try and help you as much as possible.


Thank you again for your support and cooperation.



Anna Krok

Class Teacher