Polar Bear Class Autumn 2022

September 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the new school year at Vale School. It has been a pleasure welcoming your children back into class.


Literacy/Communication lessons

We will be story-telling through play, reading stories, singing songs, developing our listening, communication, and choosing skills. The idea is to model and practice these skills, whilst linking to our various topics within the curriculum. We will continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of the world through topics such as science, maths, daily phonics, communication, expressive art and design, music lessons, story time and learning through play. We will also continue to use focused phonic songs, prioritise developing our communication skills through Makaton, Grid 3 and visuals (e.g. objects of reference, photographs and symbols) to support the children’s understanding and equip them to make choices. Polar Bear Class will continue to develop the children’s interest in books using a selection of tactile, sensory, Big Books and songs to stimulate all areas of language. The children will begin to learn the main sounds of daily objects, their names and be able to choose the first letter of their names from a choice of pictorial cards.



This term we will focus on developing anticipation through cues and songs, exploring numbers 1-5 through sensory play, songs as well as embedding it into our daily activities. We will also be developing our skills through a range of activities, including skittles, PE, cooking and fun activity trails, (e.g. We’re going on a number hunt). We will also be exploring colours and capacity (adding, subtracting, number and place value), this term.



This will take place in the form of Yoga, stretches, walks, dance and massages with swimming lessons on Tuesdays. We will require your child to come into school with a labelled swimming kit on Tuesdays so they are ready to partake in swimming lessons. Occasionally, there might be capacity for pupils to swim other days, therefore please don’t hesitate to include swimming kit for your child in their bags to retain in school in case of such opportunity. We will return this home once used.


During Phonics, we will be using a simplified sounds-themed sensory bin or sensory tray, using pictures as prompts to explore letters, developing our sound differentiation skills, listening to and beginning to recognise different environmental and musical sounds.



This will take place in and outside the classroom and into our sensory room as we explore a selection of cause and effect buttons/switches/toys, developing our pressing, pulling and banging skills. We will also use switches to operate appliances such as the blender during cooking classes.


Our topic for Science this term is ‘Animals, including humans.’ Polar Bear class will be exploring our outdoor spaces. We will visit the playground to find minibeasts, the chicken coop, Bruce Castle park as a trip to find insects, snails and birds. We will look at physical representations, sing songs about different animals and listen to noises they make. Our chosen sensory book for this is, ‘Dear Zoo’ and the song, ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’.


Expressive Arts and Design

During sessions we will explore a range of creative media, e.g. paints, playdough, colours, textures, textiles, cutting and sticking. They will begin to understand colours and how they change. In music we will learn new songs about colours and explore the use of musical instruments.


Understanding of the World

Our topic is My Story. As part of this, we will be focusing on photos of the children’s developmental journey from infancy to present and make comparison between their changes over the years. We will also extend this topic to their families, giving the children the opportunity to show adults the special people in their lives. Please send photos in their bags or via email, if you haven’t already done so.


Throughout the year you will receive emails/letters regarding specific activities. I hope this letter covers any queries about this starting term, if not please feel free to talk to me after school with any questions you may have or email the office.


Lorna and Polar Bear Class Team.