Tutor Group 3 Autumn 2022

September 2022



Dear parents and carers,


We’d like to welcome everyone back, and trust you have all had a restful summer break! We have been looking forward to seeing the students again and are happy to see they have all settled in well to the new school year! 



In English this term we will be learning about phonics. We will be revising identifying letter sounds, and applying these to writing and reading common CVC words. We will also begin to look at reading and writing high frequency words.


Students will also be practising writing sentences using symbols and podd books to support them. 

We will also be developing our sentence building skills by practising using nouns and verbs to make a simple sentence. 



In maths this term we will be learning about number, place value, and practising addition and subtraction, as well as starting to apply these skills to real life situations. 


Within shape and measure we will be learning about money, learning about the value of different coins, and using money to buy items. We will also be looking at measuring and comparing length. Finally, we will be learning about 2D shapes, their names, and how we can use them to make patterns. 


We will also continue to learn about maths in every day situations within our cooking and shopping sessions. 



This term we will be looking at history, in a topic which is about learning about our own self and family history. 



Within PSHE we will be learning about ‘ Things we are good at’ and  ‘Self Care’. 

We will be talking about what makes us special and what we are good at. We will also be talking about the different emotions we feel. 


Within ‘self care’, we will be talking about our daily routines, such as getting dressed, eating meals and brushing our teeth. We will also be having a visit from the school dentist to talk to us about oral hygiene. 

PSHE is fully embedded within the class day to day activities and underpins all lessons. 



Our Science topic this term is ‘Animals including Humans’. Students will be learning that humans need healthy food for nutrition, as well as looking at our digestive system. We will also be learning about human and animal skeletons. 


Physical development 

Students will have the opportunity to take part in a weekly dance session with a specialised teacher, as well as weekly P.E sessions. There will also be an additional Yoga session each week. 


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Eleni Christou.